Retroperspective of Maoyuu. And why it falls short so quickly to me.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

I am starting to find this dragging on for a while now. After watching the latest episode, I finally find myself unable to continue watching without posting a few things about this anime and why it’ll dip in popularity sooner or later.

As per usual, I’ll be point out 3 things why Maoyu would dip in popularity (as a matter of fact, it’s seemly draggy for me after the first 3 episodes) compared to Ookami to Koshinryo as it seems to be in a similar “Theme”.

1.) Character development.
What should have been the main focus of any story, or at least for me, seems to fall flat a little… too quickly to be honest. Afterall, it’s *Already* plain as hell after episode

Mind you, it showed tons of promise from the very get-go but falls, utterly and completely, on it’s face after episode 2. And I mean it. EPISODE 2! Crikes, I could understand that the number of episodes doesn’t even allow much space for Character Development, but at the very least, they could try something out.

… Not just drop that 5 tonnes ball of lead onto the floor from 100 stories height so fast that it’ll prove Newton’s law of Gravitation and Motion wrong. And they just did that apparently, so much that even godzilla have to do this.

So bad that even Godzilla had to facepalm himself

2.) Bad pacing and time skips… with a bunch of horrible questions to follow.
Where they could have used it to their advantage, to create a richer environment for development and perhaps even a season 2, that is provided if they decide to stretch it to a 24 or even 32 episode treatment.

How…?? Why…?!? WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE “HERO” LEFT?! It’s CLEARLY mentioned that he left 6 months after he was asked to help out in some tasks.

And ALSO, DID they even show us that the hero could TELEPORT from places to places in the latter episodes!?! Why didn’t he just teleport to the outskirts of the town or even inside it instead of TRAVELLING ALL THE WAY TO THE SAME SODDING TOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

There’s one thing I know of, and I am sure that it’s not Ragnarok Online. They don’t need to go to the spot that type /memo to memo that place right?

3.) Horrible use of economy and historic facts.
Look, if you want to use the devil’s fruit in any context, it’d better be the Tomato (To-meh-to or To-mah-to, whichever pronunciation you’d prefer). And not the sodding Potato (Po-tah-tou or Po-teh-tou)! Also, what’s the matter with the horrible use of War Economy?! Let’s just say, if you ever want to learn more about economy and the war, you could just head on here;

or even get this book;

It shed more light on how War Economics work. And for crying out loud, it even intrigues you along the way if you’re really into economics in the first place. Plus it’s never negative when it comes to War Economics, there’s positive things too and people tend to fail on realizing that fact, even the use of normal economics is sub-par at best.

Heck, I could expand more if I wanted to. But I am afraid that I might fill up 3-4 pages easily on why it dropped the ball hard after the initial episodes.

What I could say is, Maoyuu fails to deliver after setting the bars high. Whilst it did deliver in some aspect, it keeps failing to avoid the usual traps that would kill any decent shows. Stale cast of characters and little to no character development definitely strains the series and furthermore, to add further damage to it’s pre-existing scars, the series suffers from it’s poor use of economics to further expand on the story. Overall, it shows that it could deliver, but falls flat quickly after setting the standards for future episodes to come.

Not that I am not saying that the future episodes could be worst, but instead, I am being critical on how bad it quickly became after showing off such promise.


Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta

This is to address my feelings for the recent unrest in regards to Ragnarok Online 2’s launch. Based on this article of apology by the Chairman of Asiasoft and Playpark, Open Beta’s launch date has been recently pushed back to January.

I guess we could foresee thing a mile away, knowing the crowds of people waiting to play RO2 and the sudden changes to the closed beta to supposedly suit everyone’s ‘need’.

Whilst I could come to an understanding on their every changing concept to suit everybody’s need, but I just couldn’t help but to feel that they should have approached this situation more cautiously to the point where they’d be willing to adopt a much more “socialist” concept instead. Placing those that resides in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam over the other countries in priority seeing that it’s possible that’s where the servers are located, since they did mention that it’s more optimized for the people who resides in those countries.

That aside, this caused a lot of unnecessary problems to arise too. Especially all these crude and unnecessary remarks. While it’s definitely not my goal to pinpoint which country, but I feel that it’s definitely something that I should be putting forth. I have noticed that most unrest have been generated by two groups of people in general. Filipinos and Indonesians. To the point where’d I would an urge to ask them this, “Based on what rights do you have to generate such unrest? Are you the ones that’s going to be paying customers at the end of the day or are the other groups supposed to be the paying customers?” while I could understand that Indonesians would most likely be one of the few paying customers in the game, but what about the latter group? The Filipinos?

Not to mention, whenever I were to look at my experiences with Brazilians and Filipinos, I would still say my experience with Brazilians still towers over that of Filipinos. If anyone would recall, Brazilians started to flood RO1’s servers when it first adopted the Free to Play model, and during the transition, they’d be often be viewed as rude and inconsiderate, not to mention, forceful at times. But still, over time, they’d change. While not exactly perfect, they still change for the better regardless, and they’re more well-equipped with the better netiquette now. However, for the case of Filipinos, I wouldn’t really say that it’s getting better. As a matter of fact, I feel that the situation’s getting from bad to worst.

Perhaps probably due to the recent tensions that sparked several local interests (Seagate FB case), but I am sure that there’s some (including me) that would question, “is it just a handful of them or is everyone of them like that?”

I think there are times when we should adopt a “socialist” ideology and there are times when we shouldn’t. And while I do not support the “socialist” ideology whole-heartedly, I do feel this is definitely one of the many times when we should have adopted such ideology instead.

Spending, gifts and christmas

Oh how I love Christmas. It’s the season to be jolly… and the season to implode our wallets to oblivion. Obviously with the recent sales and events, not counting the usual Steam sales, I realized that I’ve easily spent over 80 bucks on games.

With titles such as Fallout 3 GOTY, Fallout New Vegas, Darksiders 2, Street Fighter x Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Bioshock 1 and 2 as well as the Humble Indie Bundle. Each game have their own charm of course. But also, each game also costs money to purchase.

And of course, this doesn’t include money spent on gifts, but hey, which uncle would sodding complain about buying things for their niece? I sure wouldn’t mind spending more on her!

Anyway, I know that this isn’t such a not a huge sum, but still it’s definitely substantial enough for me seeing how close it is for me to the beginning of year 1 in University for me. Hey, I am forking out a sum of money for my own degree after all! So every single bit of money counts!

So, why am I covering this now? It’s not simply because I want to sodding whine about purchases, but I just want to place out certain facts more. Perhaps helping those around me to understand themselves better. Psychology comes into play every holiday season, and when such season comes, it’s easy to forget about your budget and just start spending every single cent you have in your wallet on things that you most probably won’t need.

Let’s break this up into 2 groups after excluding Nitpickers and “Thrifters”. There’s usually the Impulsive buyers and Festive Buyers, which one do we tackle first? Let’s take up on Impulsive buyers first seeing how it easily relates to me.

Impulsive buyers, of course, is someone who purchases items on a whim. Adapting that peculiar idea of, “I’ll just get it first, then I’ll regret it later” motive. While it’s easy to get categorized into such group, and I am sure there’s many whom I know who would easily fall into such a category, it’s often one of the hardest, if not the hardest, to disassociate themselves from.

Why so? It’s easy for anyone to succumb to greed and temptation.

When an individual knows how much money they have, it’s natural that they would want to spend more to pamper themselves. However, during such process, they’ll be too blinded to face such facts such as the lack of money or even poor financial planning. It’s always about purchases and items. Sure if you were to get hard to get items or discounted items at low prices, but impulsive buyers tends to take it a step further. Swiping everything in 1 go without a care for the days to come.

I know that all too well and thus, that’s why I tend to restrict myself to as little purchases as much as possible nowadays. I have seen too much of that ugly side of temptation and greed and even though it’s hard to get rid of it, I would rather join the gang of nitpickers or “thrifters”.

And… So what about festive buyers? Well, let’s just put it this way, they’d save up throughout the year and some might mistook them as nitpickers or “thrifters”. However, when any, oh I mean any, festive seasons closes in, their wallets would burn, implode or even suffer a critical melt-down resulting in a miniature sub-nuclear atomic explosion.

I mean it as I am aware that I fall into such a category now. Perhaps too well aware and helpless against it.

Whenever Christmas comes about, I could easily spend more but whenever Christmas goes, I tend to feel a little more wealthy. Like what they say, it’s the season to be jolly, and you’d better be jolly’in about… whilst letting your wallet suffer the impacts of your little expedition into the holidays.

Yes, I know, that doesn’t necessarily explains all, but it does paint a good picture of what’s happening in my life now. Lesson being, money doesn’t come as easily as it goes off. Sometimes a little extra goes a long way and such I really need to rethink my plans on saving money. Control is always needed for either crowd, but knowing that it’s Christmas and the New Year, I doubt Control is going to help much without factoring in Discipline.

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